How to Remove Gold Plating from Electronics

A/P Acid Peroxide Method

To remove gold plating from scrap electronics there are only a few steps for the method we will be using. In order to do this you will be working with caustic chemicals, acids more specifically and should remember to wear proper safety equipment for your own protection.

Step 1 – Mix the solution of 31.5% Muriatic acid and 3% peroxide  together in a 3 to 1 ratio

Step 1 – Remove the gold components only leaving copper and gold pieces on them. Neatly trim the gold components off. More specifically ensure that you do not leave any solder on the circuit boards or other components.

Step 2 – Place the gold components into a glass container, a coffee pot or other glass bowl would be sufficient.

Step 3 – Pour muriatic acid onto the parts and set outside for ventilation. The fumes from the reaction are terrible for you. Be sure to do this in a well ventilated area.  Leave this outside for a couple of days so that the gold can be removed into the acid solution.

Step 4 – After a couple days use a coffee filter in a funnel over a plastic container to filter out the solution, try to not drop the components into the filter. Filter the solution.

Step 5 – The solution can be reused, pour the filtered solution into a bottle to store and reuse on future components.

Step 6 – The gold will be left in the filter. Take the old components and place the filter and funnel over a new container. Use a spray bottle filled with water and spray the components to remove the remaining gold foil onto the filter. You want to do this over a seperate container in order to avoid deluting your solution.

Step 7 – Remove the gold from the filter.

Facebook Messenger in Pidgin

I’ve been using Pidgin for a very long time to chat over Facebook while I work. However, in recent months I’ve noticed that Facebook Messenger no longer works through my Pidgin installation. This means that I have to go to Facebook to talk to people. Most of my technical contacts are on Facebook. Even my lawyer is on my Facebook.


One of my huge productivity issues has been that I get stuck going through the newsfeed and peoples pictures and posting the random things that come to my mind.


In this tutorial, I’m going to show you how to install Pidgin Messenger on your Windows PC and update it so that you can login to Facebook.

Step 1.  Install Pidgin – Go to and click “Download Now” to download the latest version of Pidgin Instant Messenger. Install the file that you have downloaded onto your PC.

Step 2. Find your Pidgin directory. Most people will be able to find this directory in C:/Program Files/Pidgin/ mine was in a roaming profile however so my location was located here


An easy way to find your directory location is to go to your Start menu and type “pidgin.exe” and when the file is located, right click the file and click “Open file Location” then select the directory path from explorer.

Step 3. Go to and follow the instructions in the directory that you have found. Don’t forget to install both files, one goes in the plugins folder.

Step 4. Restart Pidgin

Go to Manage Accounts > Click “Add” button > Check Facebook (Notice: Not Facebook (XMPP) – This one is deprecated)



Fill in your login information and click the “Save” button at the bottom. Make sure the account is enabled and then you should see your friends list popup if you are connected or a login failure if the information that you have provided does not work. Again be sure to NOT use Facebook (XMPP).

Day 5 in North Carolina

I recently posted my first update in months. So many changes have taken place. I have lost my baby due to a miscarriage, Ashley and I are no longer together and I’m doing everything different this time. Every once in a blue moon in my life I do something completely out of character for me. I think this is going to be be the latest in a string of them. However, this is the first time I will ever be posting updates from my blog. Instead of telling people what I’m going to do, today I completely deactivated my Facebook account for 7 days. I’m going to give it a try. I already feel my mind more at ease. No way for others to communicate with me without my number, which I still have available and still have my phone.


I’m hoping this will cause me to write more about my life instead of making quick updates. Once I go back to Facebook I will consider publishing these posts on my new domain, well, new old domain. This is one of the domains that I lost over the last two years. Now I’m on a mission to get it paying for itself at minimum.  I will never again lose my business and I am  paying off ALL of my debts and rebuilding my credit with a goal of being mostly complete at the end of six months. I intend to blog about things the entire way. I’ve also updated the way that I do my posts, they have TONS of pictures on them now. I guess you can thank my ex over at Hey White Girl for that since she didn’t want the phone back she let me have after we split. I am quite thankful for it, it’s really made an improvement in my life and it’s got some sentimental value even if it seems like she hates me now for some reason. You win some, you lose some right? Winking smile 



So now it’s on to a new life where I’m focusing on me. That’s what all of this is about, and much like I said I would, I’m blogging about it the entire way.  This is my new social network, my new autobiography, and my historical record of my life in words and pictures. It’s a blog, it’s my web log Smile


Recently I moved to Texas from Colorado, and that whole ordeal didn’t work out as stated above. So after talking to my best friend Justin Williams, we decided that it was best that I focus on the business for a while. We moved in together as I wrote about in yesterdays post, with pictures, and now it’s a journey about our business and how we are going to make it grow. We are finally starting, about a year late the series we announced on our Facebook Page #startuplife where we will show what it’s life in the life of a dot com startup. I plan on showing things up close and personal where you can see the struggle that we deal with to get to where we want to be.  And the new format makes it much much easier for me to write effectively and stay on track.


One of the improvements is that I don’t have to move my station constantly anymore. I don’t lose anything. My plug for my phone is next to me in the floor, I’m about to go on a walk and upload the pictures before the weather starts to get colder. It’s pretty crisp outside and perfect for a walk. Before I came to North Carolina, I was walking 5 miles several times a week. I don’t want to stop doing that now that I’m here. I downloaded a nice pedometer app, and I haven’t caught a pedophile yet! No but seriously I have used it to understand exactly how much I walk a day. It’s a lot, plus I pace pretty badly.


But I posted most of my pictures up until yesterday so there is much less to say today and I realize that I’m almost 4 hours into my work day and have accomplished almost nothing. It’s time to hit the ticket system. I’ve been playing around with the idea of putting everything that needs to be done into a ticket. However, since our helpdesk puts points to what I do as an admin, it feels like I’m cheating. However, from a business perspective I am my greatest investment, it makes sense that I would have set out goals in order to improve myself and my life. I think that these should definitely not be miniscule chores that don’t benefit me but are standard life choices. Maybe when I put in a new application somewhere, or when I finish a career changing goal? I’m not sure how I feel about it all at this time, so I’m still using my old to-do lists and trying to become more effective at it.


Well, it sounds like my roomates are back which tells me it’s time to go on a walk and get some pictures. Well, on the walk I got accused of deleting someone off my Facebook, which is humorous because I don’t actually do that unless the person is trouble in which this person is in no way shape or form. At least people are paying attention right? I found a Coca-Cola plant on my little walk and another manufacturing plant. Looks like I could easily get a decently paying job right near my home at this rate. According to the pedometer I walked a total of 2.52 miles at a rate of 2.7 miles per hour. Not too shabby! That’s pretty much like me walking to work and back, so at least I know roughly what I was walking before and what I could potentially apply at even though I don’t plan on needing it at all.


Now I am cooking dinner which is a really cheap thing I came up with in Colorado. This time I’m using elbow macaroni which is strange for me but the price was right and I’m on an extreme budget for the moment so I can’t spend much on food. I basically just mix the macaroni, fully cooked with the thai peanut sauce and it is soooo good and easy to make and beats the hell out of Ramen Noodles, which by the way I have a package sitting in my closet right now. The struggle is real bro. Pic related, it’s my dinner.


I feel like for the first time I’m back on track. I’m being who I want to be, not who I feel like I’m supposed to be. It’s a great feeling that I wouldn’t trade for the world. My world is no longer turned upside down because I’ve found happiness within myself that I could not have found without the issues and circumstances that I went through. So I am thankful to Ashley for her decision to leave my life simply because I am happier. It forced me to be me again. It was that or shun everything that made me myself. And I’m pretty happy with who I am. Although it also made me try some things differently for which I am thankful such as trying living my life without Facebook for a while. To see what it’s like. I’ve been on social networks since the early Myspace days. I barely remember what life is like without a computer. I’m reminded of sitting in jail alone with nothing but a few letters and some drawings from a 5 year old girl. Maybe in my head that’s of sorts what I’m trying to emulate, all the time in the world to think, but now with the ability to execute it. In a way I’m sentencing myself to my own sort of success prison to which I refuse to let myself be released until I succeed at what I am trying to do. And I will. Until then, my success is my prison.


Moved to North Carolina

Well, to say the least there have been a lot of changes in my life. Justin and I decided it would be in both of our mutual best interests if I moved to North Carolina, and we got a house together with his wife and kid. Since there is no longer anything leaving me tied to Texas I decided that it might be a good change of scenery.


I’ve been here only three days but it already feels like home. I’m able to focus completely on the things that make me, me. I’m extremely happy. No stress in my life anymore at all. In fact it almost feels like a dream things are going so well.


It’s beautiful in this part of the United States. I’m a long way from anything I’ve ever seen before. We drove through Tennessee and not much to my surprise, I saw that they sell cowboy hats in Tennessee. I got to see Nashville, Knoxville, and Memphis, although not necessarily in that order. I have a great view out of my window, I’m setting up dual places to work so that we can work in the house where it is generally more temperate. My room doubles as the office.


I managed to get all of my debts and accounts in order and logically sorted onto a markerboard situated conveniently next to my workstation which is the only other thing in my room besides my bed. Which I’m proud to say is also neatly made at the moment.


The first day I was here in Asheville, we moved my roommates family into the house with a huge u-Haul truck. This truck is coincidentally the same size I want to purchase to build an apartment inside of Winking smile Talk about a tiny house that is covert! And I figure you could probably get paid a small monthly fee to have a companies banner on you vehicle wherever you drive, possibly get a lot of your gas paid for via some sort of sponsorship. Although, I would really prefer one that I could walk into the box portion of the van from the cab so it would be really a covert living quarters in which I could discreetly live anywhere in the United States without drawing very much suspicion upon the vehicle.


Once we got settled in, I took a day to just rest after I got my room in order. Then, the next day which is today, I took the time to plan everything that I want to accomplish here. I’m in hyper-focus at this point and using it to work through my to-do list of things that I’ve been waiting years in some cases to do. While I’m living it up, I also plan on paying off my debts, fixing my credit, and purchasing my first home. These are in my future, I have a plan, and I’m going to show you how I’m going to do it, and we will analyze my results against my plans.


It is my hope that in doing this, and blogging about it publicly, I will be able to analyze my results more effectively and in a manner in which it must be tracked and improved constantly more so than if I didn’t report to the public the proof that what I’m doing is fixing my life from a financial, as well as a holistic perspective.



So here are the results of my first financial snapshot that I’m predicting even before I calculate these numbers, will show me thousands in debt. This is not necessarily all of my debts, but more the present situation for which I am focusing. As I add things into my own view, I will also update these graphs, putting my student loans in for example at this point, would paint a paling picture that I am not prepared to deal with financially, so therefore I will focus upon that which I can. No excuses of sorts. I’m going to start paying everyone I owe, a very small amount of money to a debit card in a subaccount under my Serve card. This will allow me to pay them off as necessary but still have emergency access to the funds if necessary.


I’ve tried to make it a practice to pay myself into my reserve cash anytime I pay someone off. So by the time I pay everyone off, I should have several thousand in my reserve. The same principle applies when I pay something off such as a vehicle. I will make a double payment, one of them to my own account, so that next time, I can just pay cash for the item. If I borrow from the reserve, I pay back with interest. I recently forgave my $500 debt to my own reserve account. I figured if the United States Government can forgive the banks and all that mess then I could forgive myself of the Personal Reserve of Byron fund. Smile




Images of the trip to North Carolina…




Some pictures from back home in Stephenville, Texas





And some more stuff from the trip here, this stuff is mainly from Tennessee, it was my first time to go to Tennessee. As I would suspect, they do in fact sell cowboy hats in gas stations. So if I ever feel like going back to my country roots, then I am in luck! Smile






And some more pictures of us here in North Carolina. Now one could say I could have grouped these all together, but I say that would make it much to simple on everyone else, and I didn’t feel like moving the pictures around more to group them together Winking smile




All of this came before today, when I am writing this post. Because this is what I woke up to out of my window this morning… oh and I can’t see the houses when I am sitting down working just the trees and sky… Open-mouthed smile


How to Earn Money Online Without Spending Money

It’s been a while since I have posted an update. It’s kind of as one would suspect being quite a bit more overwhelming since the kids have gotten here. I’m making a valiant effort to put out a blog post tonight. Currently we are still residing in Colorado however, we are beginning to miss home quite a bit back in Texas as well.

I’ve finally started doing some freelance work online to get by while looking for some ways to pay the bills in my new location. So far tonight, in between writing this article, I have earned a whopping $0.70 in my account but I just got started tonight. Hopefully I’ll see some improvements in my efficiency. Currently it takes me about 6 minutes to earn 7 cents.

I am not even trying to work nonstop but lets for a moment assume that I could and did, but lets expand the timeframe to an even 10 minutes, for breaks, interruptions, and simplicity of the math involved as well.

7 cents per 10 minutes

$0.42 cents per hour

$3.36 per 8 hour shift

Not exactly earning big bucks here. I’m pretty much working for peanuts. But, it’s better than being completely broke. My plan is to use this money to startup my import/export business. Most of this money will be reinvested fairly quickly, then doubled or tripled as my product stock is sold. Pretty much, I have to start somewhere and right now I have almost no money to my name given the circumstances, anything is better than nothing. At least I can salvage my domains before I lose them, get a new mouse to make my life on the laptop a lot easier, and buy diapers instead of having someone else do it for me. I feel pretty blessed just to have this option now.

I’ve honestly been working on this for several hours but I haven’t put much priority in it beyond getting the basic times that I could perform at if I chose to. I plan on using this to supplement my work day and make a little on the side to invest. I do still have some products that I need to sale. I knew that I was forgetting to grab something downstairs while everyone was awake! No matter, for now, I’m focused on earning myself a new mouse. The laptop mouse is pretty janky and likes to open things with swipes and other unintentional anomalies related to my daily use.

Since I am earning my money into my Amazon Payments account I decided it would be good to shop on Amazon and alleviate the middle man where possible. I was able to find a mini-usb retractable mouse for under $0.50USD and a full size mouse for under $1.00USD so I’ll have those paid for by the end of the night. I’m thinking about purchasing both of them and immediately putting them up for sale for triple the price locally.

Chrome and Firefox Block and because of the risk of “harmful programs”

Yesterday in an unexpected move  by Firefox and Google Chrome, two of the major players in internet browsing software, direct access to the torrent websites and  have been actively blocked to users of their internet browsing software

According to Googles Safe Browsing Diagnostics the websites could contain malicious software that could compromise your computers security.

“Attackers on might attempt to trick you into installing programs that harm your browsing experience (for example, by changing your homepage or showing extra ads on sites you visit),” the warning states.

Upon going to the websites following this information it appears that the websites are rendering completely blank in these browsers.

For more information on how to access these torrent websites, please visit our article on how to access and

Another Day Down

Well, I haven’t finished all that I set out to do, but I’ve had a lot more of my digital work on my mind. I found out that my girlfriend and her 3 kids are moving in tomorrow. I am pretty excited about it all, but as with everything else it’s seeming to come a little quicker than I originally expected. So I laid off the cleaning project because it will be easier to focus on when she gets here. But probably a lot harder for me to focus on my writing. I still have lots of ideas, so I need to narrow them down.

In talking to Ashley, I have figured out a lot about my way of thinking compared to others and I’m trying to make myself more linier. Ironic, because I’ve complained about this in other people. One way to do this was originally to put my stuff into a mind map. I used a website but it quickly became  cumbersome. Eventually, I brought myself back full circle to using Google Docs again. I’m making a master document in my spreadsheets that will take the place of most of the links of my future administration panel. I’m still simply trying to organize my thoughts efficiently in a manner that can be easily understood by other people. Ideally, I’d like my mother to be able to read this blog and get a good idea of what I’m doing, although it seems to puzzle her right now. It doesn’t make it easy when your mother is making faces at you because you are constantly recording yourself. She would be doing the same thing at a Bike Run Winking smile 

I spilled sugar on the steps last night and had to vacuum them up, at the time of this writing at 8:12pm in Colorado Springs Colorado I’m still only halfway finished with cleaning the house, I made some bigger messes but it will all be done once and for all. I’ve gotten almost all the laundry done in the house, and somehow I’m managing to blog all these activities. I plan on taking one hour tonight and cleaning the rest of the house up to an almost imaculate condition. I plan on doing this by focusing on large things I left around previously, the bed frame in the basement, the tubs of whatever laying around, tonight, they all go into the garage with the Harleys. Two more loads of dishes and about 4 loads of laundry and almost everything will be done moving the furniture and the girlfriend and the kids into our new home. It’s exciting to be starting a new life.

I have recently been going outside onto the porch to smoke and write, it’s a lot more private out here and I can get fresh Rocky Mountain air. Life is good. I’ve been trying to find more efficient ways to log my data, and I think I’m going to start using a spreadsheet. Yes, I’d still prefer a complex customer service management theme, but I’d rather save all those ideas until later. It’s more important that I focus on my importing business goals and constantly writing and logging things. There’s a lot that I need to do. I’m getting there, slowly but surely I am remembering what it’s like to not spin my wheels.

Right now it’s a beautiful Colorado night, I can hear nature and motors in the background. It’s a cool, crisp night under the patio and I’m writing my daily blog post. Eventually I need to make my updates into some sort of hotkey that gives me a template for all my daily review questions. For now, I will write it here. This blog is as much for my use as I hope it is for other peoples.

Recent Updates to My Network

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Random Thoughts
I wonder if I could successfully run almost all of my sites and dashboards that I’m creating, off of WordPress? It would be super simple to setup, all the bells and whistles, easily replicated. And in fact, I could probably manage to use multisite, and try to make a WordPress version of almost every website. This would be handy on another server, so thatI can just point each domain as I create the new version. What I’m reading says I can’t point a normal domain to them, but somehow I feel like that’s wrong. Where there is a will there is a way. I really want to post more here but I simply don’t have time. We’re about to head to Texas and I want to start the trip with a clean slate of writing so sorry for the short post with lack of detail. I’m still getting the hang of consistently writing everyday. It has become pretty routine, but I use Windows Live Writer to do my personal journal style entries. Then I’m simply writing ongoing posts in my browser. I do to much at once. Perhaps I need to learn to start focusing more on a single task and stop trying to multitask quite so much at a time. I’ve made several changes and they seem to have been fairly effective. We’ll see if I can keep this up once the kids are in the picture. Smile