If Your Life Is Worth Living, It Is Worth Recording

Portrait of Byron Thurman

I have been trying to blog for a really long time. I’ve concluded I’m not good at it. At one point I was running over 50 websites. I have gotten to the point now, however where I have absolutely no desire to run such a large network of websites. Most of them were content based and provided no real value to the user. Portrait of Byron Thurman

I’m changing pace a lot lately. If you continue to do what you have always done, you will continue to receive what you have always received. So in the last year or so I’ve moved away from content based websites. Sure, I still have a few domains. Primarily this one and one of my adult domains. I’ve put WordPress on both and monetized them with basic ads, but nothing special really.

Byronthurman.com is now become more of a journal than an attempt at educating people. I want to make that transition but for the moment it would seem I need to at least get into the habit of writing daily. So bear with me. I’m working on it.

Just a small update before I begin my day, today I’m going in for my first job interview since I was let go from Center Ranch almost two months ago. I’ve been working for myself. And I’m scraping by a lot better than I ever have with the ability to do business audits for money on top of my normal methods of making money that produce much less money for my time like mturk.com through Amazon. When I began this project almost two years ago I was lucky if I made 50 cents in a day!

At this point I am able to bring in closer to the $500 a month mark which is a great step up to getting my businesses and abilities where they need to be. This job should push things over the threshold for the most money that I have been able to consistently pull in a single month or right at the last best amount which was well over 10 years ago, working 3 jobs. So this is a significant improvement in my life even though it will tie me down a bit.

And for now, it’s off to get things done.