How to get started mining cryptocurrencies

Have you been wanting to get into cryptocurrency mining? Are you just as confused as I was getting started? All the talk about hash rates and just so much freaking research to do! Well today I had my first success and have mine my first complete coin! It wasn’t worth much but I can now mark that one off of my bucket list.

Right now I’m very focused on automation. I’ve found several ways to make money automatically online, but I can’t do them all from my home IP address. They bring in different types of money, from USD to different cryptocurrencies, but the important part for me at least is that I don’t have to focus on them at all. They are literally sit and forget. For me, automated income is worth 10 times more than money I have to work for. So $5 a day in automated income is a fantastic start for me, and will run pretty much my entire business.

Anyway, back to the topic of this post. Right now I’m mining literally on every single device in the house except for my moms laptop. I’m not making much because I’m doing CPU mining. But I am making progress and that’s the most important part. I’ll be optimizing as I go. This will be an important experiment and could very well launch the next step of the business.

The mining pool that I am using is called minergate and it allows me to mine on every single device that I own so far. I’m needless to say pretty pleased with it. Check them out, it’s a great start. Stop spinning your wheels and get some coin in your wallet.MinerGate