Life On The Road

So for the last couple of months I’ve been living out of my van. Yes, this is by choice. I’m not asking for a place to live, I have plenty. But rather I’ve been enjoying the freedom of being able to travel on a whim. I’ve been building karma and using that freedom to help others. I moved my Byron Thurmanbusiness partners apartment, I helped my best friend move to Colorado, and simultaneously made a new friend down on her luck that I am able to help daily and help my mother with her bills and taking care of the house. I’ve done all of this in about a month. It’s crazy.

Now I’ve found my old dream job again. Before I went to work for however this time it will be a non EIG website hosting company. I’m excited but nervous. Going back to an employee could be detrimental to my mindset. I’m a fucking lion right now. I go out and hunt my money ever single day. I may go hungry more often than those grazing in the pasture, but my meal is much more rewarding and every dollar lasts longer because I respect the fact I busted my ass to earn that dollar.

I am reminded of a time when I was doing similar stuff and at best getting 50 cents a day. It was embarrassing. Fortunately I average around $30 a day right now working on my own. Back then I took the first job I could at Dollar Tree so I could buy my girlfriend at the times baby diapers and made about the same amount monthly that I do now working for myself. She left me my 1998 Dodge Grand Caravanfirst week. Turns out the kid she was pregnant with wasn’t mine, I didn’t find out for sure until a year after the baby miscarried. I still struggle with it a little bit here and there. It did make my fire to succeed burn even hotter because I was just coming out of the bottom of my hole.

Fast forward a year and a half later and I’ve put on 30 pounds of muscle. I’m writing shit off my bucket list left and right, my next conquest is to climb Pike’s Peak… watching me train to get used to the mountain air is laughable. I live each day to the fullest of my ability. And for once I’m completely happy in my own skin. I want for nothing in my life. What I have is enough. I carry everything I need in my van and I have been literally living a month or two in a place and moving to another part. I love the freedom. I’m an independent business contractor and make my money in any large city. Life is amazing. I love Colorado though and need to make a lot of investment capital really quickly.

My real estate partner and I are finally paying off our properties that we purchased a little over 5 years ago. Each house is going to require a minimum investment of $3500 to get functional. We are currently in the process of figuring out exactly how many homes we can afford to put onto the property.

Watching my life transform is something that I am very proud of. They say if your life is worth living it’s worth recording. I’m not exactly the best writer. I haven’t written in years. This blog serves as a personal outlet but I hope to improve my writing skills and focus until I can provide all of you reading with information that you can use somehow in your own life. My life has always been interesting, and it’s going to get more so.